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A Ceramic Shine. Offering Nano Ceramic Coating for Your Vehicle’s Paint Surface

The Ding Guy in Colorado Springs is excited to be partnered with 3M and their new Ceramic Coating products that will offer you an amazing paint finish protection for your vehicle. Ceramic is a new-to-the-market product that is environmentally friendly and helps keep your car looking clean and fresh.

This technology was pioneered by NASA to protect the finish on parts from the elements. It is a coating (that is an extra layer) that stays glossy and repels dirt and grime better than any waxes or other chemicals on the market. Once the coating is applied you can enjoy 3 years of protection or choose 5 years of protection with a double coating.

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Now Proudly Offering DingShield: 6X Increased Protection From Rocks

The Ding Guy is now proud to offer DingShield, a windshield protection film made to keep up with your lifestyle. No more flinching if that rock hits your car. Learn more.

PPF car

Introducing Paint Protection Film

The Ding Guy is proud to offer Paint Protection Film: an 8 mil. thick paint protection film that protects your vehicle from rocks, bugs, sand, keys and salt: anything that can damage your paint. Learn more.


Now Offering ClearPlex

Protect your windshield from everyday road debris, as well as 99% of UV rays. An invisible windshield protection, ClearPlex protects interiors from fading as well as prevents expensive repair costs of ADAS-equipped windshields. Learn more.

Ceramic Coating is Beautiful!

Ceramic is sexy and environmentally friendly!

Be a hero. Save water with ceramic coating.

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