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The Process

About Our Ceramic Coating Process

We use a polishing system called Rupes. These are precision balanced orbital polishers that smooth and polish automotive finishes. Depending on the condition of your paint we will do up to three steps of polishing. The goal in paint correction is to deeply clean the surface of the vehicle. We use specialized car wash cleaners designed to clean and open the pores of the surface of your paint.

Ceramic is applied in a specific pattern unique to each vehicle to assure a show room shine that will last for years. It has many benefits.


The liquid material is composed of silicon dioxide which is sourced from all natural materials such as quartz and sand. Titanium dioxide is used as a hardening agent. Together they form a non-stick hard coating.


Here in Colorado, the sun is relentless! I know we all love those warm sunny days. UV from the sun can dull and fade your vehicles over time. Ceramic is like a high SPF sun screen. Especially us living in high altitude mountainous areas. Ceramic is great protection from the sun so if you park your car outside mostly this is a good way to protect the shine.


With air pollution on the rise, chemical stains from acidic contaminants can be harmful to your vehicle finish. Ceramic Coatings offer that extra layer of hard shell coating that easily washes off. That is peace-of-mind protection.


This is the part car owners love. It just keeps your car newer looking new for a much longer time. The amazing colors and finishes these have on vehicles are meant to be enjoyed! The depth and shine of a ceramic coated vehicle always brings the best out in your paint job.


Now that you have a ceramic coating, you won’t be keeping a time-intensive wax on your car and doing all those washes to keep your vehicle looking nice, but it will be much easier than before. Simply spray the vehicle off with water and chamois dry. Your vehicle will still get dirty but not as fast and not nearly as bad. A simple rinse and chamois will make your vehicle look so shiny,  it is amazing. Bugs, dirt, grime and winter road solvents rinse right off with just water. Avoid any car wash that has brushes or any repetitive actions on the surface of the vehicle. Ceramic Coat is similar to paint and can get swirl marks and can scratch! To repair it will require paint correction or refinish and then a reapplication of ceramic.

ceramic coating work
ceramic coating work

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